National Registry Association
Register Stuff Here
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Question: OK, so what's really happening here?


What to register

From this page add the following to the registry:

Your guns
Beat them librals to the punch; register here before they make you register elsewhere.
Your neighbor's guns
Save him some time. He'll eventually thank you.
Your neighbor
Nut case? Conspiracy gossip? Too young, angry, stupid, unbalanced, looney... to have weapons? Muttering frequently about "real" Americans vs. them.
See something; say something.
Safety really is up to you!

What we'll record and map

Here is a generalized list of the data we collect.
Name of perpetrator owner.
Who owns the weapon(s)?
What kind and how many. We don't want to know about hunting rifles or weapons owned or used by officers of the law or farmers protecting the chickens, and we have neither the bandwidth nor the inclination to record your great-grandfather's muzzle-loading souvenir.
Address of "arsenal" of one or more military style or handheld weapon(s). Minimum information is the state and the city or town.
If you know, are the weapons kept, for extreme examples, (a) unloaded in a locked cabinet/room, or (b) lying on a table in the kids' playroom or (c)...?
Organizing tools
Various and sundry to keep it all working.