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vicfreeman 22-Nov-2023
Tidbit: In the United States, while Republicans stumble over themselves trying to claim the mantle of fighting for the lives of unborn children, our already born children are more...
vicfreeman 21-Nov-2023
Mass shootings for 2023 could reach 800. As of October 31, 621 events, 520 dead, >2,600 wounded or killed. Deaths ranged from 1 to 28 killed. NOT ONE was a terrorist or an invading...
vicfreeman 17-Jun-2023
Noting the recent atrocity in Uganda, I find myself find myself embarrassed to see the US in the same league with bands of starving peasants led by religious fanatics. Their...
vicfreeman 04-Jul-2022
Gun-totin' hero saves Illinois town from overpopulation with semi-automatic rifle. Community plans tribute once he comes forward. (UPDATE: He's about to get his reward.)
vicfreeman 25-May-2022
Texas politicians Abbott, Cruz & Cronyn have piled on the platitudes, postured periodically and puckered their patoots while posing for pictures. The price: 19 + 2 and counting.
vicfreeman 12-Dec-2018
Adding weight to the pro-gun argument, patriots prepare to assume power.

vicfreeman 11-Dec-2018
We hope we've changed the ESC on the input form.
admin 27-Oct-2018
Oops! We will address the quotation/apostrophe matter ASAP.
vicfreeman 27-Oct-2018
You've obviously failed to trap for apostrophes in the profile update entry form.
vicfreeman 27-Oct-2018
Well, Rob Bowers, you've certainly shown the world how much you admire Jesus and Donald Trump. Pittsburgh and your home town must be truly proud.
vicfreeman 24-May-2018
Fearless prediction: The Texas legislature will soon announce plans to seriously study the problem of gun violence in the state.
franka 27-Mar-2018
Managing the site must be rendered harder by the need to hold your tongues firmly against your cheeks.
vicfreeman 27-Mar-2018
Most of the features of the site are falling into place.
vicfreeman 14-Mar-2018
My right to live transcends your right to carry.
vicfreeman 14-Mar-2018
After decades of pointless violence coupled with congressional inaction, the time has come.
franka 18-Feb-2018
We must defend our inalienable constitutional rights, such as the macho thrill of firing a loud, deadly weapon similar to those used by real men.
franka 18-Feb-2018
Another day, another 13 Americans dead by fools with guns.
admin 21-Aug-2013
Reconfigured site for multiple categories of merchandise or possessions.
admin 28-Dec-2012
Database installed and operating. Working on user interface.
Anonymous 21-Dec-2012
Arm the teachers? Well there are about 130,000 schools in the USA. Assume 20 teachers per school; that's 2.6Mn teachers. Assume $1,500 each to equip and train. That's $3.9Bn,...
Anonymous 21-Dec-2012
In many states, Wayne la Pierre would surely be certifiably insane.
franka 19-Dec-2012
Sounds like Pres. Obama is stepping up on common sense gun regs. We can only hope that VP Biden can define the fine line.
franka 18-Dec-2012
NRA has come out of its hole to shed a few crocodile tears. One can hardly wait for their Friday press conference.
franka 18-Dec-2012
Read this good analysis by David Gergen of CNN. He has served several presidents as a policy analyst starting with Richard Nixon.
franka 18-Dec-2012
"Arm the teachers" talk by "tackshish" (TX) buffoons like Louie Gohmert and Rick Perry now ape the Sunday stupidity of Bill Bennett on Meet the Press.
franka 16-Dec-2012
Humbly suggest omitting/deleting all references to the names of murderers. Don't give them the notoriety they crave.
franka 16-Dec-2012
Former reaganbush blowhole Bill Bennett, on today's Meet the Press, predictably advocated arming school personnel. Moron!
admin 14-Dec-2012
Blog and member updates are now operational.
admin 14-Dec-2012
We're under way; watch the site for continuing improvements.